This is the transcript for The Great Pussini, the part of the very first episode of the series Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats. It is followed by second part of the episode: Kitty Kat Kennels. This is the next episode’s transcript: Kitty Kat Kennels/Transcript.


Heathcliff (Cats & Co Theme)

[Scene: Nutmeg House, daytime]

[A song of meows is heard, causing Mr. Nutmeg to cover his eyes and close his windows. Camera turns to Heathcliff, who is standing on top of a fence and is singing (meowing) to the neighborhood cats.]

Heathcliff: Meow, Meow, Meow...

Neighborhood Cat #1: Hey gang, look at this!

Neighborhood Cats: Huh?

[The Neighborhood Cats turn and travel offscreen.]

Neighborhood Cat #2 Oh, he is SO handsome!

[Heathcliff hops off the fence and gives a glair of disapproval. He then turns to go see what was going on. Once he got there, all of the neighborhood cats were looking at a poster with a smiling cat mounted on a nearby lamp post.]

Neighborhood Cat #2 Oh, look at his face!

Sonja: Oh! The Great Pussini! Isn't he just dreamy!

Heathcliff: Dreamy? Why, he's just a big bag of wind! Ah, c'mon! H-here! I'll start the concert right here! Meow, meow, meow...

[While Heathcliff sings, all of the Neighborhood Cats cover their ears and walk away, certainly annoyed. Heathcliff is astounded by his loss of audience, and turns to Sonja.]

Sonja: Oh! The Great Pussini! What a cat!

[Next, in Heathcliff's imagination, the Great Pussini on the poster suddenly comes to life and blows a raspberry by sticking out his tongue. Then, an angered Heathcliff meowed and leaped over and shredded the poster into shreds. Then he hops off onto the sidewalk and dusts his paws.]

Heathcliff: Who does this "Pussini" think he is, anyway!

[Just then, Wordsworth, Hector, and Mungo arrive from offscreen.]

Heathcliff: I am the singing star of this neighborhood!