Terrible Tammyis the first part of the ??? episode of the series Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats. This is based on the Heathcliff, rather than Catillac Cats. It is followed by first part of the next episode: ???.



Heathcliff was about to get with Marcy for the usual playdate, but manages to get sidelined by Tammy, who calls him "furrball". Tammy then manages to make him look bad in front of Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo by accusing the orange tabby of picking a fight with her, and announces that she runs the neighborhood now, and admits that she likes beating up boys! But the coup de gras of her treachery was pretending that Heathcliff was in love with her in front of his girlfriend, Sonja!

However, while Tammy was bragging to some cats about her plan to drive Heathcliff out of Westfinster, Sonja overhears it, and realizes he was framed, and is completely convinced that Heathcliff is innocent.

Heathcliff confronted Tammy, but instead, he applied bandages on himself, rolled in the dirt, covered himself in mud, and made himself appear that he had caught the worst end of a fight from Tammy. Marcy sees Heathcliff in such a horrible mess, and promptly accuses Tammy of beating him up. After Marcy leaves, Tammy is willing to give Heathcliff a fight for neighborhood superiority. But, in a surprising move, Heathcliff refuses to fight, but he refuses back down as well. Tammy is about to throw the first punch, but Sonja catches her paw a split-second before it connects. Tammy is shocked to see that not only Sonja stepping to fight her but stating that that it may be against Heathcliff's honor to fight a girl, but not against hers! She then beats Tammy up, and drives her out of town, admitting it wasn't lady-like, but it had to be done.


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