You can always count on Snow Job to be your friend except when he offers you up on something. That's the time you should be staying away from him. He is not simply called Snow Job because he wears skis, he's a conman, plain and simple. Those who know him better do well to stay away from him on payday.

Snow Job was a member of the U.S. Olympic Biathlon team. His original motivation for joining the Army was because of the privileges and special training for Olympic athletes such as he would get. His application for the [Team|Joe Team] came as a complete surprise for everyone. He was accepted nonetheless. Snow Job is one of the most skilled marksmen. He can ski down or climb up mountain sides and then pick off a target a thousand yards away.



A Real American Hero continuityEdit

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Animated continuity - SunbowEdit

To acquire the first catalytic element that powers the [[1]], Snow Job was a natural pick to co-lead the mission in the Arctic. However, even he could not have foreseen Cobra coming with HISS tanks that far in the region and trapping them in the cave in the manner it was done. He and his teammates were only able to escape when Snake-Eyes sealed himself with the radioactive gas and pointed them through an escape route.[1]

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Generation 1
Snow Job A Real American Hero (1983)

Snow Job was released as part of the [series] of [Real American Hero (toyline)|A Real American Hero toys].

Appearance: red hair and beard; large black goggles; white hooded snowsuit with gloves and boots; brown backpack straps and belt; black pockets on legs

Accessories: white backpack with handle, holes for skis, and clips for ski poles; black XMLR-3A laser rifle; two white skis; two black skipoles. page/Filecard

Template:Noimage Arctic Mission Team (1997)

The Arctic Mission Team is a three-pack from the [American Hero Collection|Real American Hero Collection]. It included Snow Job, [(RAH)|Iceberg] and [[2]].
Arctic Mission Team filecard


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