Mungo McMungo is sometimes cast as "the dumb one", but there are times that even he can surprise EVERYONE with potential that is pure and untapped. He has a tendency to be big-hearted, friendly, kind, inventive, and loyal. In the episode Cat Balloon, he even shown self-sacrifice to save Cleo from falling off a building.

Another feature Mungo displays is strength. In episodes, he can pick up the end of a car with ease, but with that strength, Mungo also has powerful fighting ability. In the episode Kitty Kat Kennels, Mungo was surrounded by a pack of angry dogs bent on tearing him limb from limb. This brief exchange between Hector and Riff-Raff:

Hector: (worried) All of those dogs against Mungo... Shouldn't we help?

Riff-Raff: (calmly) Nope... there's nothing we can do about it. Poor doggies.

The dogs that leaped upon Mungo were then given such sound thrashing, the kennels were completely destroyed in the process of the fight! Only after Riff-Raff told him he can stop now, Mungo stops immediately, no worse for wear and hardly broken a sweat.

The inventive side of Mungo is seen in the episode, Cat In The Iron Mask, when he builds a giant junk statue that doubles as a robot to fight some underhanded businessmen who were trying to wreck the junkyard so they can buy it on a cheaper price.

As his last name suggests, Mungo is of Scottish decent, wih two relatives, a male cousin, and his grandmother.

Heathcliff (1984-1988)

Episode list

Season 1

  1. The Great Pussini / Kitty Kat Kennels
  2. Carnival Capers
  3. Circus Beserkus
  4. Rebel Without a Claw / The Farming Life Ain't For Me
  5. Heathcliff's Middle Name / Wishful Thinking
  6. King of the Beasts / Cat Can Do
  7. Much Ado About Bedding
  8. City Slicker Cat / House of the Future
  9. For the Birds
  10. Heathcliff's Pet / Swamp Fever
  11. Monstro vs. the Wolf Hound
  12. Cat's Angels
  13. Iron Cats
  14. Family Tree / Who's Got the Chocolate?
  15. Be Prepared / Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
  16. Heathcliff Gets Canned / Whackoed Out
  17. Cat Balloon
  18. May the Best Cat Win (possibly the pilot episode)/ Comedy Cats*
  19. Revenge of the Kitty / Jungle Vacation
  20. Hospital Heathcliff / Hector's Takeover
  21. Going Shopping / Cat in the Fat
  22. Wild Cat Heathcliff / Kitten Around
  23. Cat Burglar Heathcliff / Lucky's Unlucky Day
  24. Harem Cat
  25. Young Cat with a Horn
  26. The Meowsic Goes Round & Round
  27. Condo Fever
  28. Heathcliff Pumps Iron / Mungo's Dilemma
  29. Heathcliff's Double (Heathcliff: The Movie) / Big Foot
  30. Terrible Tammy / The Games of Love
  31. Big Top Bungling / Space Cats
  32. Lard Times / The Merry Pranksters
  33. Spike's Slave / Scaredy Cats
  34. A Camping We Will Go
  35. Where There's an Ill, There's a Way / Yes Sewer That's my Baby
  36. Soap Box Derby / A Better Mousetrap
  37. Bamboo Island / Superhero Mungo
  38. Butter Up! / Mungo Gets No Respect
  39. Dr. Mousetus
  40. Going South
  41. Junkyard Flood
  42. The Other Woman
  43. The Babysitters
  44. The Siamese Twins (Heathcliff: The Movie) / The Mungo Mash
  45. Copa-ca-Heathcliff / Leroy's in Love
  46. Used Pets / Search for a Star
  47. An Officer and an Alley-Cat (Heathcliff: The Movie) / Hector Spector
  48. Service with a Smile / Junk Food
  49. Boom Boom Pussini (Heathcliff: The Movie) / Beach Blanket Mungo
  50. Riff Raff the Gourmet
  51. The Super M.A.C. Menace / Journey to the Center of the Earth
  52. Heathcliff Reforms / Prehysteric Riff Raff
  53. A Piece of the Rock / Divide and Clobber
  54. Debutante Ball
  55. Heathcliff's Surprise / The Big Break In
  56. The Catfather (Heathcliff: The Movie) / The Big Swipe
  57. Tally-Ho Heathcliff / Cleo Moves In
  58. The Big Game Hunter
  59. The Great Tuna Caper / Peco's Treasure
  60. Riff Raff's Mom
  61. Trash Dance
  62. Claws / Hector the Detector
  63. Raiders of the Lost Cat / Mungo Lays an Egg
  64. The Home Wrecker / In Search of Catlantis
  65. Star or Tomeow-meow / Soccer Anyone?

Note: The DVD lists episode, May the Best Cat Win as first, and titles the episode Pilot.

Season 2

  1. The Whitecliffs of Dover / Life Saver
  2. Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask
  3. The Shrink / Brushing Up
  4. Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike / Time Warped
  5. Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance
  6. The Cat and the Pauper / Mungo of the Jungle
  7. In the Beginning / Catlympic Cats
  8. Rear Cat Window / Cat Days, Ninja Nights
  9. Something Fishy / Christmas Memories
  10. Heathcliff's Mom / Hockey Pucks
  11. Cat Day Afternoon / Hector Protector
  12. Feline Good / Off-Road Racer
  13. Spike's Coach / The Trojan Catillac
  14. Heathcliff Gets Framed / Repo Cat
  15. Missing in Action / Bag Cat Sings the Blues
  16. It's a Terrible Life / Leroy Gets Canned
  17. Hair of the Cat / Tenting Tonight
  18. The Fortune Teller / Cottontails, Chickens, & Colored Eggs
  19. Break an Egg / A Letter to Granny
  20. The New York City Sewer System/ High Goon
  21. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother