Iggy Nutmeg is the grandson of Grandpa and Grandma Nutmeg, and also a co-owner of Heathcliff. His relationship with Heathcliff is a good one, and sometimes beleaguering to anyone to witness how Iggy manages to put up with such antics from his cat at times!


The Heathcliff and Dingbat Show (1980-1981)Edit

  1. Feline Fugitive
  2. Heathcliff of Sherwood Forest
  3. Lion Around the House
  4. Pinocchio Rides Again
  5. Cat in the Beanstalk
  6. Star Tick
  7. The Big Fish Story

Heathcliff and Marmaduke (1981-1984)Edit

  1. Pop on Parole
  2. Mush Heathcliff Mush

Heathcliff Season 1 (1984-1986)Edit

  1. The Great Pussini
  2. Rebel Without a Claws
  3. Heathcliff's Middle Name
  4. Smoke Gets In My Eyes
  5. City Slicker Cat
  6. Spike's Cousin
  7. Heathcliff's Pet
  8. Teed Off
  9. Say Cheese
  10. Meow Meow Island
  11. Family Tree
  12. Be Prepared
  13. The Siamese Twins (Heathcliff: the Movie)
  14. Brain Sprain
  15. May the Best Cat Win
  16. Revenge of the Kitty
  17. Hospital Heathcliff
  18. Going Shopping
  19. Wild Cat Heathcliff
  20. The Blizzard Bandit
  21. Kitten Smitten
  22. The Gang's All Here
  23. Snow Job
  24. Heathcliff Pumps Iron
  25. Heathcliff's Double (Heathcliff: the Movie)
  26. Terrible Tammy
  27. Big Top Bungling
  28. Lard Times
  29. Spike's Slave
  30. Where There's an III, There's a Way
  31. Soap Box Derby
  32. Bamboo Island
  33. Butter Up!
  34. The Carnival Curse
  35. Phantom of the Garbage
  36. Trombone Terror
  37. Heathcliff Gets Canned
  38. Copa-ca-Heathcliff
  39. Used Pets
  40. An Officer and an Alley Cat (Heathcliff: the Movie)
  41. Service with a Smile
  42. Boom Boom Pussini (Heathcliff: The Movie)
  43. Sealand Marina
  44. Heathcliff Reforms
  45. A Piece of the Rock
  46. Flying High
  47. Heathcliff's Surprise
  48. The Catfather
  49. Tally-Ho Heathcliff
  50. Grandpa Vs. Grandpa
  51. The Great Tuna Caper
  52. The Baby Buggy Bad Guys
  53. Momma's Back in Town
  54. Claws
  55. Raiders of the Lost Cat
  56. The Home Wrecker
  57. Star of Tomeow-meow

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