Cast: this is a cross over btw

Ninjago cast:






Paw patrol cast: 








Heathcliff cast: 







It starts with Chase saying the title

It was a perfect day in adventure bay the pups were playing soccer

Jay: come on kai accurately try 

Kai: nah I'm busy

Cole: really with what

Kai: none of you're bunisses

Chase: guys what's that blue light

Suddenly the paw patrol and ninjas get sucked in

They wake up

Kai: huh what ahhh a junkyard these places are disgusting

Zane: no really

Kai pinches Zane

Ryder: pups do you know those cats?

Rocky: no clue

Lloyd: they're looking at us


Mungo: who those guys?

Riff raff: I don't know but they'd Better leave

Wordsworth: hey man we should get them before they do something that will wam!

They walk over

Kai: get ready!

The ninjas take out they're golden weapons

Riff raff: hey we won't hurt you why are you here

Kai: um who are you guys?

They introduce they're selves so do the pups and ninjas

Hector: how did you get here

Rubble: we came through a blue portal

Just then Cleo walked in 

Riff raff: hey babe!

Cleo: hi honey

Chase: who she!

Hector: she's riff raffs girl friend

Chase has a crush on her

Rocky: Chase do you like her

Chase: uh no I like Skye

Skye: WHAT?

Chase: nothing!

Marshall runs into mungo

Marshall: oops sorry

Mungo: huh its ok 

Ryder: so what do we do

Then a big ballon take Cleo

Riff raff: Cleo babe!

Jay: oh no!

Hecotr: oh no great!

Then riff raff runs after it and falls

Everyone runs over

Ryder: don't worry paw patrol will help 

The pups line up

Ryder: riff raffs gf has been captured we need to save her

He slide to chases badge

Ryder: Chase I need you to help get us to it fast!

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder slide to skyes badge

Ryder: and Skye I need you to find the balloon

Skye: this pups gotta fly!

Ryder: paw patrol is on a roll!

Skye flys looking for the balloon

Skye: I found it!

Ryder: oh good


Zuma: riff raff dude it'll be ok

Riff raff: no it won't I miss her really bad

Rocky: what can we do?

Hector: help us fix this

Rocky: pincer (ruff)


Cleo: let me go fiend

It was punko

Punko: nah you can stay with me for ever

Cleo: riff raff help!!!!!!

Ryder phones everyone

Ryder: all paw on deck get to the balloon

Soon the cats pups and ninjas were on the balloon

Lloyd: where are they

Wordsworth: up front

They all barge in

Chase: end of the line!

Punko: hahaha you're too late

Riff raff: no!

Punko presses a a button and a arm comes out of the floor and grabs riff raff around the waist

Riff raff: hey! Help!

The. Ninjas use they're weapons to stop punko

Punko flys out and Cleo and riff raff get free

Cleo: thanks for saving me!

She kisses Lloyd and riff raff

Then they all went to the junk yard

Riff raff: thanks again guys

It ends with riff raff Llyod and Chase waving at the screen

Pa pa pa paw patrol!

Heath Cliff no one should

Jump up kick round and spin 

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