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Welcome! This wikia has been alive and running since February 17th, 2011 with over 400 edits! Please be aware that a lot in this wikia is under construction!

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Hello there! This wikia is a collaborative website providing any information from the Heathcliff franchise, comics, and television productions. Although Heathcliff bears resemblance of Garfield, they are two totally different cats in two totally different universes, so please do not add any imformation reguarding Garfield or any other topic that does not relate to Heathcliff the cat and his adventures. Users are advised to come join the team and to edit any of our articles, not to mention helping to make this wiki as amazing as possible! Click one of the following links to get started:

Happy Editing! P.S. PinkSquid5 will be deleting any irrelevant pages and will be rewriting any existing pages. Photos may also be altered as well. If you have any questions, feel free to chat to me via this link: PinkSquid5 Thank you for reading!

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However, not everyone who visits this wikia has to edit any pages and can just choose to simply visit pages and learn more about Heathcliff! These following titles may help you decide where to search first:

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