Heathcliff is the main character of the Heathcliff


Heathcliff appears as an orange, slightly overweight cat with black stripes and conjoined eyes. He also appears to have a worm-like tail and a black nose.


Heathcliff is the big boss in his neighborhood, or at least he is acting like one, and considered the toughest cat in town. He is smarter than most of the dogs and cats in the neighborhood and he realizes it well, so sometimes, he takes advantage of it, by stealing some of their food, or simply just teasing them. But he is not completely evil. He cares about some of his friends, like his human "owner" Iggy Nutmeg, or, in one episode, a lost kitten. He isn't afraid of a fight and never hesitates to start one by himself, if taunted a little. He is kind of romantic, when he gets around a cat named Sonja, whom he loves and he is extremely jealous, when he finds out, that she is seeing someone else, which happens often. He sounds similar to Bugs Bunny because of his Jersey/ Brooklyn Accent,and have a funny laughter.

Relationships Edit

The Nutmeg family Edit

Heathcliff lives with the Nutmeg family, although he sometimes acts as an independent cat. Grandpa Nutmeg is usually angry with Heathcliff for various reasons, such as sleeping on Grandpa's favorite chair. Grandma Nutmeg's behavior towards Heathcliff is a complete opposite from Grandpa's. She treats Heathcliff as a loving pet owner would treat his pet and sometimes she overdoes it. Whenever Grandpa is angry with him, she stands on Heathcliff's side, even if Grandpa has a good reason. On the other hand, Grandpa sometimes blames Heathcliff for "crimes", he didn't actually commit.

Iggy Nutmeg acts as Heathcliff's friend, although Heathcliff sometimes plays tricks on him. Iggy seems aware of Heathcliff's love interests in Sonja, as well as his rivalry with some other alley cats, whose names he also knows.

Sonja Edit

She is the lady of the neighborhood. Almost every tomcat wants her and Heathcliff seems to be the most successful boyfriend. For her, he would do stuff he would otherwise find degrading, such as pretending to be a dog, in order to get caught by a local dog catcher, so he can break Sonja out of the dog catcher's van. Sonja seems to appreciate his actions and some episodes end with them holding their hands, but she often finds herself attached to some other tomcat. Heathcliff always fights hard to get her back and being very tough and constructive, he usually wins. However, Heathcliff is no angel either, so, though rarely, he finds himself attracted to a different cat, making Sonja jealous and angry.

Spike Edit

Spike, being the dummiest dog in the cartoon, often serves as an object of Heathcliff's tricks and jokes. Either the puss rides him like a bull, or he draws a black hole on the rear side of Spike's doghouse, so the poor doggie tries to hide there in fear and...BOOM! But in one episode, Heathcliff seems to care for Spike, as he thinks, that some people are plotting to steal the dog (they are taking away his favorite toy!).

Catillac Cats Edit

Heathcliff never meets Riff Raff in person, but both of them can be seen in an episode at the same time, when a certain sport game between cats and dogs happens. He does, however, know the rest of the team very well. Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo are regularly getting unwillingly involved in Heathcliff's plans. They don't really like him, but he usually outsmarts them and gets them working with/for him. They sometimes end up in a fight.

Marcy Edit

Marcy is another human friend of Heathcliff's. She likes to walk the streets with a pram and Heathcliff likes to get tossed around the streets, when he is too lazy to walk.


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