Ruby-Spears Series

Season 1

  1. Feline Fugitive
  2. Doggone Dogcatcher
  3. The Watchcat
  4. Pumping Irony
  5. Great Cop 'n Cat Chase
  6. Milk Run Mayhem
  7. Mascot Rumble
  8. Heathcliff of Sherwood Forest
  9. Angling Anglers
  10. Cake Flakes
  11. The Mouse Trapper
  12. Lion Around the House
  13. Robinson Crusoe Ho
  14. Heathcliff and the Sleeping Beauty
  15. Gold-Digger Daze
  16. Hives
  17. Rodeo Dough
  18. Pinocchio Rides Again
  19. Cat in the Beanstalk
  20. The Great Chase
  21. Kitty a la Carte
  22. Mystery Loves Company
  23. Red Hot Riding Hooded Heathcliff
  24. The Great Milk Factory Fracas
  25. Star Trick
  26. The Big Fish Story

Season 2

  1. Gator-Go-Round
  2. Crazy Daze
  3. Caught Cat Napping
  4. Dud Boat
  5. Of Mice and Menace
  6. A Briefcase of Cloak and Dagger
  7. Tabby and the Pirate
  8. Mush Heathcliff Mush
  9. A Close Encounter
  10. New Kit on the Block
  11. Clon'en Around
  12. Cat Kit
  13. The Great Milk Factory Fracas

1984-1988 Series

Season 1

  1. The Great Pussini / Kitty Kat Kennels / Pet Tip: Putting two fish in the Same Bowl
  2. Chauncey's Great Escape / Carnival Capers / Pet Tip: changing the Water in the Fishbowl
  3. Mad Dog Catcher / Circus Beserkus / Pet Tip: Older Overweight Pets
  4. Rebel Without a Claws / The Farming Life Ain't Me / Pet Tip: Older Dogs
  5. Heathcliff's Middle Name / Wishful Thinking / Pet Tip: Protecting Your dog from weather
  6. King of the Beasts / Cat Can Do / Pet Tip: Puppies and Kittens
  7. Smoke Gets in my Eyes / Much Ado about Bedding / Pet Tip: For Your Dog to travel by Air
  8. City Slicker Cat / House of the Future / Pet Tip: Walking Your dog
  9. Spike's Cousin / For the Birds / Pet Tip: Puppy's Growth
  10. Heathcliff's Pet / Swamp Fever / Pet Tip: Why putting the cat out is a bad idea
  11. Teed Off / Monstro vs. the Wolf Hound / Pet Tip: Getting to know the Cat or Dog cautiously
  12. Say Cheese / Cat's Angels / Pet Tip: Never lock Your pet in a closed or locked car
  13. Meow Meow Island / Iron Cats / Pet Tip: Why sweet foods are bad for pets
  14. Family Tree / Who's Got the Chocolate? / Pet Tip: Why You should bath Your pet
  15. Be Prepared / Cruisin' for a Bruisin' / Pet Tip: Wildlife
  16. Heathcliff Gets Canned / Whackoed Out / Pet Tip: Walking Your elderly Dog
  17. Brain Sprain / Cat Balloon / Pet Tip: Why You should comb Your pet's fur
  18. May the Best Cat Win / Comedy Cats / Pet Tip: Cat Carrier
  19. Revenge of the Kitty / Jungle Vacation / Pet Tip: Why You should not get involved with baby birds
  20. Hospital Heathcliff / Hector's Takeover / Pet Tip: Why overfeeding Your pet fish is a bad idea
  21. Going Shopping / Cat in the Fat / Pet Tip: safety precautions for Your cat
  22. Wild Cat Heathcliff / Kitten Around / Pet Tip: When Cats look like They're fighting
  23. Catburglar Heathcliff / Lucky's Unlucky Day / Pet Tip: When putiing Your cat in a kennel
  24. The Blizzard Bandit / Harem Cat / Pet Tip: Training Your cat to come to You
  25. Kitten Smitten / Young Cat with a Horn / Pet Tip: Why You shouldn't give old shoes for a dog to chew
  26. The Gang's All Here / The Meowsic Goes Round & Round / Pet Tip: Why Rabbits should not have fresh greens
  27. Snow Job / Condo Fever / Pet Tip: Telling Your pet to stay away by saying "No"
  28. Heathcliff Pumps Iron / Mungo's Dilemma / Pet Tip: Fishbowl Ornaments and rocks
  29. Heathcliff's Double / Big Foot / Pet Tip: Safeguarding Your cat from hazards in the house
  30. Terrible Tammy / The Games of Love / Pet Tip: Preparing a spot for a Cat to have kittens
  31. Big Top Bungling / Space Cats / Pet Tip: Why Pets should not be treated like toys
  32. Lard Times / The Merry Pranksters / Pet Tip: Sporting Dogs and how much exercise They need
  33. Spike's Slave / Scaredy Cats / Pet Tip: Toys for Your indoor cat
  34. Gopher Broke / A Camping We Will Go / Pet Tip: Why pets should have shots by the veterinarian
  35. Where There's an Ill, There's a Way / Yes Sewer That's my Baby / Pet Tip: helping Your hamster exercise
  36. Soap Box Derby / A Better Mousetrap / Pet Tip: Sick Dogs and what to do about them
  37. Bamboo Island / Superhero Mungo / Pet Tip: keeping Your pet from eating the wrong food
  38. Butter Up! / Mungo Gets No Respect / Pet Tip: What to do if Your Cat keeps scratching His/Her Scratching post
  39. Sonja's Nephew / Dr. Mousetus / Pet Tip: Not to train Your puppy in His/Her first days.
  40. Cat Food for Thought / Going South / Pet Tip: Training Your Dog to sit and not have Him or Her be jumpy
  41. Phantom of the Garbage / Junkyard Flood / Pet Tip: Taking Your cat on an airplane flight
  42. Trombone Terror / The Other Woman / Pet Tip: Bathing a cat the right way
  43. Pop on Parole / The Babysitters / Pet Tip: Curing Your dog of bad habits
  44. The Siamese Twins / The Mungo Mash / Pet Tip: Picking a dog with the right size
  45. Copa-ca-Heathcliff / Leroy's in Love / Pet Tip: getting a puppy at a pet store, vet, or pound
  46. Used Pets / Search for a Star / Pet Tip: Stopping Your dog from chewing on furniture and other things
  47. An Officer and an Alley-Cat / Hector Spector / Pet Tip: Comforting Your pet while away
  48. Service with a Smile / Junk Food / Pet Tip: methods to rid fleas on an outdoor cat
  49. Boom Boom Pussini / Beach Blanket Mungo / Pet Tip: Flea Bath
  50. Sealand Mania / Riff Raff the Gourmet / Pet Tip: dealing with a dog who won't behave, with an isolation crate.
  51. The Super M.A.C. Menace / Journey to the Center of the Earth / Pet Tip: keeping a Parakeet and cage away from hazards.
  52. Heathcliff Reforms / Prehysteric Riff Raff / Pet Tip: Training a dog to do tricks with treats.
  53. A Piece of the Rock / Divide and Clobber / Pet Tip: How to have a dog eat a vitamin by hiding it in His/Her food.
  54. Flying High / Debutante Ball / Pet Tip: Keeping a goldfish cool in hot temperatures
  55. Heathcliff's Surprise / The Big Break In / Pet Tip: Feeding a hamster at evening with the right foods.
  56. The Catfather / The Big Swipe / Pet Tip: Making dogs listen and behave with your tone.
  57. Tally-Ho Heathcliff / Cleo Moves In / Pet Tip: Training Your dog by withholding and giving praise
  58. Grandpa vs. Grandpa / The Big Game Hunter / Pet Tip: Placing a mirror in a parakeet's cage
  59. The Great Tuna Caper / Peco's Treasure / Pet Tip: Kid-friendly Pedigree Dogs
  60. The Baby Buggy Bad Guys / Riff Raff's Mom / Pet Tip: The Proper way to pick up a rabbit from a hat.
  61. Momma's Back in Town / Trash Dance / Pet Tip: Picking a dog with the same personality as His/Her Owner
  62. Claws / Hector the Detector / Pet Tip: Bigger fish tanks for additional goldfish
  63. Raiders of the Lost Cat / Mungo Lays an Egg / Pet Tip: houseplants that are safe for Your cat to eat
  64. The Home Wrecker / In Search of Catlantis / Pet Tip: training Your indoor cat to be familiar with the outside world
  65. Star of Tomeow-meow / Soccer Anyone? / Pet Tip: What times to vaccinate Your puppy.

Season 2

  1. The Whitecliff of Dover / Life Saver / Pet Tip: Sizing up a pet before adopting it
  2. Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask / Pet Tip: Finding a lost pet
  3. The Shrink / Brushing Up / Pet Tip: Why a dog needs a license.
  4. Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike / Time Warped / Pet Tip: What to do if Your cat has a Broken Bone
  5. Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance / Pet Tip: having a cat use a scratching post instead of anything else
  6. The Cat and the Pauper / Mungo of the Jungle / Pet Tip: Grooming Your pet dog
  7. In the Beginning / Catlympic Cats / Pet Tip: Why cleaning a dog bowl is important
  8. Rear Cat Window / Cat Days, Ninja Nights / Pet Tip: When getting a second pet
  9. Something Fishy / Christmas Memories / Pet Tip: Training a dog not to jump on people
  10. Heathcliff's Mom / Hockey Pucks / Pet Tip: Why pets should play with pet toys and not toys made for children
  11. Cat Day Afternoon / Hector Protector / Pet Tip: Getting a dog at the pound
  12. Feline Good / Off-Road Racer / Pet Tip: Exercising Your pet which is running with their dog or get string for Your cat, so long as You don't overdo it
  13. Spike's Coach / The Trojan Catillac / Pet Tip: Why You should never let Your dog have chocolate
  14. Heathcliff Gets Framed / Repo Cat / Pet Tip: have a window open for Your pet inside the car to not overheat
  15. Missing in Action / Bag Cat Sings the Blues / Pet Tip: Never feed Your pet people food, and instead give Him/Her pet food.
  16. It's a Terrible Life / Leroy Gets Canned / Pet Tip: keeping Your pet on a leash, so that a younger person won't get scared
  17. Hair of the Cat / Tenting Tonight / Pet Tip: Remember to let Your pet inside to keep Him/Her out of bad weather.
  18. The Fortune Teller / Cottontails, Chickens, & Colored Eggs / Pet Tip: Having fun with an older dog with a tennis ball
  19. Break an Egg / A Letter to Granny / Pet Tip: Why overfeeding Your fish is a bad idea
  20. The New York City Sewer System / High Goon / Pet Tip: Giving a puppy a bone or rawhide to cure His/Her habit of chewing up shoes.
  21. North Pole Cat / He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / Pet Tip: Feeding Your dog a fried or boiled egg to regain His/Her coat's shine

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