Cleo is a member of the Catillac Cats and is currently in a relationship with the leader of the group, Riff-Raff.


Cleo has a calm, collected, and steady attitude. This is most shown when the Catillac Cats come to her rescue in the episode Kitty Kat Kennels. She also, at times, tends to show bravery and appears to be independent, regardless of whether or not Riff-Raff or the others help her out. Cleo rarely gets jealous, the only time being in Kitten Around when Riff-Raff was in a relationship with a female cat named Roxie. Cleo also has a helpful personality, especially when her friends are in danger.


Cleo’s appearance consists of her black eyes with light purple eyeshadow and golden, long hair, the majority of it placed in front of her torso. Cleo also wears a light yellow leotard, matching her fur color, and pink legwarmers to finish off the outfit.



Cleo’s relationship with Riff-Raff is usually a close one, although Riff-Raff may fall in love with other female cats. However, he shows most affection towards Cleo and her smart and intellectual abilities. Although Riff-Raff tries to help out Cleo and tries to prove that he is a worthy man, Cleo usually has to fix his mistakes and understands that he is trying.


• Cleo never appeared in the Heathcliff Comics.