Cleo is the girlfriend of Riff-Raff. She was raised on a farm, but since moved to the city to live as a store-pet at a music shop with Bush. Like Riff-Raff, Cleo dreams of living big one day. She has pink legwarmers, and her fur forms a "maillot tanga" bikini cut at the hips.

She is loyal to Riff Raff and gets angry when she suspects that he is seeing someone else. She sometimes makes fun of Riff Raff's "get rich quick" plans. Despite being a member of The Catillac Cats, she shows some disliking towards the other guys and the whole idea of her boyfriend living in a junkyard. That would probably be because of her classy attitude. But she herself is pretty smart, even outsmarting Riff Raff several times.

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